Re-Imagining Public Health

Beginning with COVID-19

To get tested in Berkeley 

What We Need Now

  • Ensure that all Covid-19 related healthcare costs are not passed on to our patients in need. Covid-19 has disproportionately affected minority and lower-income communities. We must make sure that effective medical treatment does not bankrupt our most vulnerable individuals.

  • Expand Medicaid to cover the millions of California residents who are newly insured, as well as those who did not have insurance before the crisis. 

  • Protect children, families, and educators by continuing to conduct online education. Ensuring students have access to the technology and affordable internet required for online education.


  • Increase testing capacity in California and reduce testing result wait times.

What We Need Going Forward

  • Universal Healthcare for all Americans so that no one has to choose between their health and bankruptcy. Covid-19 has only highlighted the massive costs and disparaging inequities of our current healthcare system.

  • Incentives for companies to allow employees to work from home. Covid-19 has demonstrated, in a large part, that individuals who need to can effectively work from home. This will give greater flexibility to parents and to those caring for family members while allowing them to remain employed.


  • Expansion of affordable housing to reduce housing insecurity. We need to ensure that housing is available to all individuals, particularly when there are mandates to remain at “home”.