Our Values & Accomplishments


Legislative Wins! 


Ensuring that employees, small businesses, and renters have the protections and programs in place to provide stability and assurance to our communities.


Promoting health through community-led initiatives. Ensuring that healthcare is a human right and that access to healthcare is affordable and equitable.

Public Safety


Protecting our environment through next generation initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and address climate injustice.

Families & Women

Standing up for women by addressing systemic inequities and building programs to empower our new generation of families.

Neighborhood Equity


Defending workers by supporting enhanced protections and investing in the next generation of infrastructure improvements.


Standing up for our immigrant communities while further enhancing our initiatives that ensure all individuals are welcome in our City.


The Agenda Moving Forward


  • COVID-19 Readiness

    • To prepare for the aftermath of the pandemic, I will deeply engage with our communities and deploy city fiscal resources to support those most impacted by the pandemic. As your City Councilmember, I will: 

      • Build commercial partnerships with struggling local businesses

      • Create a certification program for businesses 

      • Provide business districts with greater cleaning and mental health services

      • Collaborate with mortgage holders and property owners to support commercial tenants

  • Racial Equity

    • Let's build upon our successes from the last four years and achieve historical redress. We need to advance further racial and neighborhood reparative policies to compensate for our communities' injustices. Let's make the George Floyd Act, the reallocation of police funding to specialized health care professionals, and transfer traffic enforcement from police to the transportation department. ​

  • Berkeley Green New Deal

    • We have to implement a Local Green New Deal that will strengthen our local businesses and empower our workers and create our City's green infrastructure for a brighter environmental future.  I will continue to push the City to fund more fire and disaster preparedness programs for a sustainable Berkeley.​

  • Affordable Housing Boom

    • Adeline Corridor 50% Affordable

    • Ashby BART Affordable Housing

    • From securing millions of dollars in funding to creating cost-effective construction models, we have the ingredients to produce truly affordable housing at the Adeline Corridor, Ashby BART station, and all of Berkeley. Now, it’s time to transform our plans into reality.​

  • Economic Recovery​

    • We must create opportunities to move forward by supporting small businesses and creating local jobs around the Adeline Corridor development. I will also advance racial equity in city contracting processes and connect all communities to economic prosperity. ​

  • Universal Basic Income Pilot

    • In this moment of intense economic deprivation, I protect our communities from falling into poverty by leveraging private funds and providing financial support for the most at-risk families in Berkeley.​

  • Universal Healthy Streets

    • Our office championed the largest pedestrian and bike safety investment in the last four years. We will expand our work by leveraging funding, promoting additional safe bike and pedestrian infrastructure, and incorporating Vision Zero design standards across the entire city.