Ben's Story

Berkeley Councilmember

District 3


I'm the current Councilmember for Berkeley’s District 3, a 5th generation Berkeley native, an attorney, and lifelong advocate for equity and inclusion. As the son of political activists, I learned the value of community and the necessity of progress. Those values of innovation, opportunity, and inclusion continue to inform my work. 

My life's mission is to use innovation to expand opportunity, protect the environment, and help people achieve their dreams. Moving forward, I will address: 

  • Pandemic Recovery & COVID-19 Readiness: We will restore our reserves, drive local investment, and protect our communities from falling into poverty.

  • Affordable Housing & Tenant Evictions: This is our home. Our housing, including the Adeline Corridor, must be inclusive and affordable for all.

  • Transforming Public Safety: Let's re-allocate police funds to the social services our communities deserve and need. 

  • Racial Justice: We owe it to our communities to do all we can to achieve racial justice and implement equitable policies in our city.  

Meeting this Moment

These are challenging times.

To meet this moment, we will need...

Creativity. True progress is borne out of creativity and collective action.


Compassion. We must lead with empathy to care for people in crisis and set the stage for pandemic recovery.


Spirit of Service. We are a small city, but our people power makes a difference.


All Doors Open. People deserve better, so everyday, we must fight to give our communities a better life and to open doors for all.